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Anonymous: Very Happy New Owner (Sonntag 29. Januar 2006, 09:23)

Bought a 2003 Dog on !st Jan have clocked up just a few hundred miles due to poor weather. Am looking forward to better weather to find out a little more of it's capabilities.
If there is a meet (UK first then poss Europe) would like to come along and enjoy the company of like minded people who are able to see beyond MCN's impressions of the bike.
I live in East Sussex.

John w: (Sonntag 29. Januar 2006, 11:29)

Hi terry,

Welcome! I am pleased to see that another person has disregarded the journalist's biased opinions about these great bikes! I think they must be wannabe racers that didn't make it. :alright:
I'm sure that we will arrange a UK meet in the spring/summer. It will only be a small meet due to the small number of Bulldogs in the UK. ;-((((( Last year we managed to get 10 owners to go to the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. Better than 6 the previous year! :-D
I am planning a weekend meeting/tour that we could invite our German, Dutch, Belgian, French friends to join. But due to time constraints - work/holidays/busy life, etc, etc, I think it will have to be in 2007. There is a lot of work to be done to make it a success. I have to find the best roads/routes and suitable accommodation (Biker-friendly mopedsmile: )

If you want to meet more owners and see many more Bulldogs maybe you should join our (4 so far) trip to the 3rd International Bulldog Owners Club Meeting in Germany this May (11th - 15th). See the posting about this. Last year saw over 100 Bulldogs turn up and it was a really good weekend. If you are thinking about modifying your Bulldog, you will see many different mods that are possible. I don't think there were many standard bikes there. Try and make it if you can - we go through the Eurotunnel which isn't far from you! More detail re the trip and hotels can be found on the other English speaking forum (the green one) if you look at the thread 'Coop are you still out there?'. Check out the links.
Anyway, enough from me. Hope to see you sometime. Keep using this forum! It is quiet at times but always worth a look. Lots of technical advice available if you have any problems - I hope not!

Cheers~John w :joker:

Paulchen: (Montag 30. Januar 2006, 09:15)

Hi Terry,

Welcome to the club and hopefully jou'll be able to join us in May!

John, I look forward to 2007...., see you in May!

Greetz, Paul :cool)

John w: (Mittwoch 1. Februar 2006, 00:33)


Yes. Can't wait to come over again! We're stopping in Antwerpen on our first night out. Maybe we can meet for the ride in somewhere along the way between Antwerpen & Willingen the next day? Maybe Oberhausen or Duisberg is Ok for you? :thumbup:

Cheers ~ John

Axman: (Mittwoch 1. Februar 2006, 08:14)

Hi Terry, John, Paul etc..

and it being on the way to Willingen we meet at the Hotel "Dechenhöle" for a late breakfast and from there I´ll take you to Willingen...what about it..??

Greetz from the Axman

John w: (Mittwoch 1. Februar 2006, 15:36)

Hi Axman,

It's a good idea! But how late can your breakfast be? Near to lunchtime I hope - maybe Brunch?
I'm sure we can arrange something - hopefully it doesn't mean us setting of before 05.00 hours - don't forget the effects of the Belgian beer from the night before! :beer:


Paulchen: (Freitag 3. Februar 2006, 17:46)

and it being on the way to Willingen we meet at the Hotel "Dechenhöle" for a late breakfast and from there I´ll take you to Willingen...what about it..??

Hi Axel,

I think you mean to ride on Thursday, like me. John will ride on Friday, aren't you John?

Greetz, Paul

John w: (Samstag 4. Februar 2006, 01:05)

Hi Paul,

Our schedule;
Thursday - UK to Antwerpen
Friday - Antwerpen to Willingen
Saturday - Bulldog Treffen......
Sunday - Willingen to Oostend
Monday - Oostend to UK

Of course we are happy take any route to meet up with other Bulldog riders along the way.
Are there any riders from Belgium or the Netherlands making the trip? What about Johnny and the Belgian guys? It would be good to meet up again. :cool)


Anonymous: (Samstag 4. Februar 2006, 13:51)

Congradulations to you (and me). I'm new in this place and also caught a Bulldog ... today.

Great to hear from Bulldog riders from outside Germany and I hope meeting you, if possible for a beer in Willingen.

Cheers ... take care.

John w: (Samstag 4. Februar 2006, 22:27)

Hello JoJo,

Welcome! It will be good to meet you and have a beer.
I hope you enjoy your Bulldog as much as I enjoy mine!

Cheers~John w

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