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davemike: electrics problem (Mittwoch 27. September 2017, 19:28)

Hi guys I hope some one can help me, I over revved my bulldog a couple of months back and bent the valves but that's all fixed now (those head gaskets are expensive aren't they £48 at my local Yamaha dealer got some from the states $22. any way back to the plot when I tried to fire her up it seems the alarm seems to be stopping her the solenoid is jumping in and out in time with clicking from the alarm which is a meta system and is very professionally fitted to the point where it be a factory fitted extra does any one have knowledge of this system and does any one have a decent wiring diagram for this bike its a 2004 model. any help would be much appreciated. Dave.

Karacho: Re: electrics problem (Mittwoch 27. September 2017, 19:42)

Hi Dave,

if you give me your mailing address via PN, I can sent you a PDF-wiring diagram in good resolution.

with best regards

davemike: Re: electrics problem (Dienstag 3. Oktober 2017, 19:44)

many thanks to achim for the diagram has any one tried to remove the optional alarm system on this bike as its faulty and I would just like to do away with it than have the added complexities of this system, There seems to be about 9 black wires coming out of this alarm going deep in to the harness, I think some go to the cut out switch some go to starter relay etc. if any one has done this please get in touch or keep an eye on this post if you are considering this option as I am going to attempt it as the only other option is to buy a new standard harness at probably great expense. cheers Dave.

davemike: Re: electrics problem (Montag 23. Oktober 2017, 22:30)

I have now removed my alarm successfully and will do a separate post in technical :-D davemike