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colruddock: Re: new member intro (Mittwoch 2. November 2016, 15:41)

I bob on to check for new posts once every week or possibly more, but as a newcomer to the bike I'm not often much help.

I had a taller screen Dave, wish I'd have known, I cut it down a little while ago as I didn't like it!

davemike: Re: new member intro (Mittwoch 2. November 2016, 19:47)

Hi colruddock what a shame i would have bought it off you. Make that 3 of us on the english forum. Happy bulldoging. Dave.

Doc44: Re: new member intro (Mittwoch 2. November 2016, 22:20)

I'm still here too fellas and I met another BT owner this week! I kid you not, there are others around.....

davemike: Re: new member intro (Donnerstag 3. November 2016, 14:14)

Hi Doc or is it jim nice to see there is life on the english forum. I expect this has been done before but i am going to give it a try
and see what happens. I am going to start a list of english+ members.
So lets start with me as i started this thread. 1 davemike (bristol) 2 boc44 (?) 3 colruddock (west yorkshire) 4 big ade (sheffield)
So please feel free to add to the list and state home town and we can get a new count of owners and where they are from.

Big Ade: Re: new member intro (Donnerstag 3. November 2016, 19:00)

5 Mick P - Rochester (Kent)
6 John W - Hereford
7 John's neighbour
8 Andy - Preston
9 Dave - Derby (my son)
10 Pedro - Inverness

Now who is going to Treffen 2017 in Germany with Dave and me next year? It will probably be my last because I am getting on a bit now and I just got a chair from Shackletons You Know.


davemike: Re: new member intro (Donnerstag 3. November 2016, 19:36)

Thats very optomistic ade. Germany ive never been that far!! I used to be on the deauville site a bit of a boring bike but some good guys
and some great banter. What they do is choose a different location every year and book a hotel or for the stingey ones a camp site .
So what i would suggest is a location central in the midlands locate a hotel thats biker friendly and meet up for a few bevvys and
some interesting banter and put a face to the names on this site also any mechanical wisdom could be shared
hopefully in a weatherspoons or similar. I would definatly be up for that. Dave.

Krock: Re: new member intro (Mittwoch 14. Dezember 2016, 20:20)

Hi Folks

Krock her I am still alive and still having fun on my dog. I was half tempted to change my bike but can't find anything that gives me more smiles per £. So Its upgrade time over the winter. Baracuda Exhaust, Toppam kit (you can get these from Allen Performance) and Maxton rear shocks and fork cartridges. I am up for a meet, when when are you thinking, a winter social with or without bike or spring/summer bike meet?

NB I live in Cheshire


davemike: Re: new member intro (Donnerstag 15. Dezember 2016, 19:59)

Hi krock more dog owners coming out of the woodwork what i am proposing is choosing a central location say the birmingham area
and some rooms at a premier inn or similar and meeting up for some banter and a couple of pints when the weather perks up.
I was thinking may holiday or if you have a better idea i am open to suggestions. Dave.

Aleinfante: Re: new member intro (Montag 19. Dezember 2016, 10:40)

Hi to all from New Zealand!
Just joined to this community tryng to get some advise and help from Europe, pretty sure that there are only one of two dogs over here and is getting extremely difficult to get parts ...
In saying that, a few weeks ago had an accident and now I'm seeking for second hand parts (tank included). Tried on Ebay but still with no much success. Also in a few pages with same result.
Does anyone knows where to go online to find decent parts?
Also anyone could tell me if the side air intakes (cover carburetors) fitted on the new models (2005, 2006, etc) would fit the same on a 2003 model? I've the triangle ones on the sides, just found a good deal online with the bigger ones from newest models.
Merry christmas to all and an even better new year!

PS: Sorry about my poor english, I'm argentinian living here since 2012.

Added in 16 minutes 20 seconds:
Hi again ade is it just me and you on the english forum . Any way thanks for the warning but i did all the things you listed took out the
axle shaft removed the caliper completely as it needed cleaning up and a coat of paint, moved the torque arm right up out of the way
and then wiggled the cush drive off leaving the fins sticking out but the rim would not pass these fins. I am a reasonably competent
mechanic thats why i suggested loosening the four bolts. I decided to paint just the bevel box and try taking the wheel out at a
later date. I am now looking for a taller screen the stock one is so small its hardly worth being there, i saw quite a nice one i think
mra or similar with a flip up piece at the top about £100 i think i might go for one. Dave.

Hey Dave, maybe is a bit too late, but any way...
I've this screen that comes with my bulldog as a spare. Never used it (don't like it...) and since then has been storaged in my garage. Has a cover bag as well. Is in pretty good condition, no scratches as far I could see.
If U want it we can arrange some fair price for it. Just be aware about the shipping costs from New Zealand... (I know, bugger)

Big Ade: Re: new member intro (Montag 19. Dezember 2016, 16:44)

Hi Aleinfante

There is a very interesting BT1100 in New Zealand owned by Jared.

Look at the post "BT1100 Turbo" in the English section of "BT1100 - Forum" and you will see an excellent post from Jared. Sadly the pics of his work are no longer visible but it is very interesting.

It would be really great if you could manage to find Jared and update us on this project.

Be lucky and ride safe.


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