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nissbird: DISASTER AVERTED! (Mittwoch 22. Oktober 2014, 16:10)

Flywheel removed with hydraulic puller I borrowed from a car garage, no heat or freeze, just a tap on the end. Immense force used.
Crank protector I made worked great.
New starter clutch works fine - no more clunking. Thanks for all the advice folks.

WullDee: Re: DISASTER AVERTED! (Mittwoch 22. Oktober 2014, 16:21)

Well done, Phil - thumbs up!

Got a pic of the hydraulic puller?
And of the crank shaft protector (Maybe you set up a small batch series ?)

nissbird: Re: DISASTER AVERTED! (Mittwoch 22. Oktober 2014, 16:38)

Thanks Wulldee, the crank protector was for the "modified" end of my crank, the bike garage had to rethread it M14!
No pics I have taken it back.
Bike starts great now.

eternum: Re: DISASTER AVERTED! (Mittwoch 22. Oktober 2014, 18:50)

Great news!!

Happy driving and a lot of safe, future kilometres!

Big Ade: Re: DISASTER AVERTED! (Dienstag 28. Oktober 2014, 20:35)


Read your posts throughout this drama and I am really pleased that we now have a UK source for the fitting of starter clutches. You wil;l be pleased to know that I am prepared to let you do mine when it gives up the ghost. With your practice you should be able to rattle it off in few hours, and there will be a few quid in for you too.

I'll be in touch, meantime enjoy the bike.



nissbird: Re: DISASTER AVERTED! (Mittwoch 5. November 2014, 08:58)

Very generous of you Ade!