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nissbird: Fairing (Dienstag 1. Juli 2014, 15:30)

Now I know some of you guys will have a fit about this, but I have decided to fit a fairing to my bulldog. Its off an XJ900. I look forward to some vitriolic responses.
Bring em on!

nissbird: Re: Fairing (Dienstag 1. Juli 2014, 16:43)

and this is what it should look like

admin: Re: Fairing (Dienstag 1. Juli 2014, 17:34)

Looks Not so Bad on your picture , but comes the modification in reality near on it ?

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nissbird: Re: Fairing (Dienstag 1. Juli 2014, 22:09)

We shall see!

hotdog: Re: Fairing (Mittwoch 2. Juli 2014, 10:06)

looks better than this one.

BT Tour.jpg

ronald53: Re: Fairing (Mittwoch 2. Juli 2014, 10:45)

Hey, it is almost the same ugly Bulldog I spotted in 2012!

nissbird: Re: Fairing (Donnerstag 3. Juli 2014, 03:05)

Not such a good idea! Tried to fit one today but sizes are incompatible - back to the drawing board.

davemike: Re: Fairing (Freitag 14. Oktober 2016, 19:57)

Hi did you ever fit a fairing to your bulldog. Dave.

Eddie: Re: Fairing (Samstag 15. Oktober 2016, 10:12)


last year I have mounted a fairing from a XJ 600 Diversion!

I have coloured the fairing with "paint" on the pc. Not really good, but I want to have a realistic Impression.