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Martin_CZ: Message "change oil" - reser (Dienstag 1. Mai 2007, 21:03)

the time has come to change the oil in my Bulldog. A Yamaha service made the operation and they told me that there is an "oil-counter" installed which can only be reset when it is on. But - at the time when my Bulldog was in service, it was not on yet.

Today when I drove, I received message on the display "CHnGE OIL"..... But it's already been changed.

Is it possible to reset the counter by myself, or shall I go to service again? Thanks for tips.


Mick P: (Dienstag 1. Mai 2007, 21:43)

Hi Martin

If your Dog is 2001-2004 hold down both buttons (odometer SET/RESET) on your instrument console as you switch on the ignition, this should reset it.

Mick P

Axman: (Mittwoch 2. Mai 2007, 08:21)

Good morning,

sorry Mick. but what you described resets the clock.. :shock: :wink:

To reset "change oil" you do the following : turn the ignition-key to "off" then press the reset-button (the lower one)... keeping the button depressed turn the ignition to "on" and voila┬┤...no more "change oil" :-D



Mick P: (Freitag 4. Mai 2007, 01:31)

Yes Sorry about that miss read the instructions :?
Not only do i have trouble reading german but i am also having trouble with my english #-o

Regards Mick

Martin_CZ: (Samstag 5. Mai 2007, 09:02)

Mick & Axman - thanks a lot! I have tried all possible "CTRL-ALT-DEL" on the set/reset buttons, I've erased clock, km-counters but the message was still there :)

So thanks for the advice. By the way, where did you find it? It is not in the 350-page service manual. Perhaps in the user manual which I have for the bike?


Mick P: (Samstag 5. Mai 2007, 17:53)

Hi Martin

Owners manual 5JN-F8199-A0

English section

Instruments and control functions (section 3)

page 3-4 3-5

Hope this helps