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Martin_CZ: SW-MOTECH accessories (Sonntag 24. Juni 2007, 23:51)


I have equipped my Bulldog completely by the equipment from Sw-Motech - topcase carrier and sidecase carriers. Is there anybody else having their products? I have the impression that side carriers have maximum load of a creditcard (left) and toothbrush (right). If somebody could confirm that the quick-lock system was tested on his bike, that would be just great. Today I made a test: 4,5 kg (that means 2 bottles of water and a sleeping bag) on each side, 100km distance with travel speed 110-130 kmh. No problem so far, but I do not have a good feeling, I've seen much more robust carriers. So what are your experiences with quick-lock system?


John w: (Dienstag 26. Juni 2007, 20:29)

Hi Martin,
I have only seen Givi top case and side carriers fitted to a Bulldog. They were filled with lots of items so they were quite heavy. It didn't seem to affect the rider at all. :)
Maybe the 4.5kg figure is there just to cover SW-Motech? So they don't get lots of complaints from people who really overload their boxes and cause them to break.
I would experiment with various loads without going too crazy!flexion.gif
Let us know how it goes.
John W

Axman: (Mittwoch 27. Juni 2007, 09:41)

Hi Martin,

I don´t know the product (I use saddlebags when the need arises) but I do know the Company..!
They have a reputation of making only high quality products for motorcycles and of being extremely helpful in the case of problems..
I have their Quick-Lock-System for my Tankbag and their Centerstand on my bike and am 100% satisfied :-D

And, exactly as John says, the figure 4,5 Kg´s is there only to cover SW-Motech if you decide to ferry your gold-bars around.. :shock: :wink:

As we know people in the Company, let us know if you experience any problems..


from the Axman

Mick P: (Donnerstag 28. Juni 2007, 02:58)

Hi Martin

I have got the Give top box (the big one 56lt I think) and I have used it to carry John W water bottle and extra shirt at times but no bars of gold as Axman said, but John W did manage to sneak in a rock chick once and I didn't notice much difference in handling.

Best wishes Mick P

strike: (Donnerstag 28. Juni 2007, 14:13)

Hi Martin,

i have both the quicklock sidecase and topcase carrier together with hepco-becker cases. i used them on a trip from germany to south-france (3000+ km) without any problems. i put about 10kg on each side in the case (making it a load of ca. 12-13kg with cases) and maybe a bit over 5kg in the topcase.

it never really looks unstable to me, maybe you would like to post some closeup pictures so we can check that everything is mounted correctly?

what cases are you using?


ps (from the sw-motech faq, roughly translated):

Q: the maximum allowance for the topcase rack of 5kg seems a bit low. how come?
A: the maximum allowance of 5 kg does not reflect the actual capacity of the carrier, however we are bound by the strict specifications of the motocycle manufactorers.

Martin_CZ: (Montag 2. Juli 2007, 23:11)

Thank you all! Unfortunately I have no chance to describe better my doubts about the carriers before I leave for holidays, but anyway - if Axman says that SW is a reliable company, and Strike has tested the products - I guess that it is only my impression. While mounting I followed the instructions provided by SW, so it should be OK but I still "miss" some fixation in the upper front area; vertical fixation seems very stiff, but there is some "freeplay" (achieved by pushing) in the horizontal direction (normal direction to driving). But it's probably OK, as this kind of load will never happen during riding. Well I will start my vacation and when I come back, I'll take some photos to better explain my feelings about the SW carriers.

I'm using the Kappa cases (44L), purchased under the brand MotoDetail at Louis.

Martin_CZ: (Dienstag 28. August 2007, 23:25)

1 new experience for SW MOTECH carriers - after a thorough test on motorways and alpine passes; see attachments first. Without having the side carriers on, the plastic holder of licence plate gets too heavy due to the metal adapter for side carriers, and also due to the presence of direction lights... Friends told me that my licence plate is vibrating a LOT, and the result is a "nice" crack in the plastic part under tail light. Only the upper part of the plastic is cracked - the lower part which really holds the licence plate is OK; I should rather say - not cracked YET.

So my recommendation --> do not use the quick-lock system, keep the side carriers on. I'll go into contact with the company and let you know their conclusion.


strike: (Mittwoch 29. August 2007, 13:42)

Sorry for your rear. On the other hand, I had no problems riding without the side carriers (well isn't this what the removable system is good for ?) for several thousands of km either. But: I have smaller indicators mounted (Kellermann Micro 1000, admittedly mainly for cosmetic reasons), so maybe that makes the difference.

SW-Motech Quicklock sidecase carriers with Kellermann Micro 1000 Indicators: