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Anonymous: garmin streetpilot III deluxe (Dienstag 27. Juli 2004, 16:13)

hello, I use the streetpilot III deluxe from garmin.
Did a trip in France for about 3500 km with the new toy and... I will never miss it!!! What easy driving!!! no maps, not always the national roads you have to follow for the signs, you just drive and when you see a nice little road in the middle of nowere, take it!!
runn out of fuel in that middle of nowere, no problem, the streetpilot guides you to the nearest gasstation!!

I put a "special" cable from garmin directly to the battery to feed the streetpilot.
PS: I try to put this message under "accecoires" but no possibility to put pictures with the article...
Replace this message under the wright category mister moderator? Thanks.

admin: (Samstag 31. Juli 2004, 22:16)

I used the streetpilot too,and i used this
last week in the holidays.
Before this holidays i used the Garmin only with
battery and this is the rigth one because
the battery reach only 3 hours.
So we make in berlin a small modifikation on the cockpit.
i will write the manual in the next week