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stevej: Head Race bearings (Samstag 21. März 2009, 10:48)

Following a regular service, I've just been told that the head race bearings will need replacing soon. :(
Has anybody done this themselves? If so, how difficult is it and are any special tools needed?

Axman: (Sonntag 22. März 2009, 08:17)


what exactly are "head race bearings"??



stevej: Head Race bearings (Sonntag 22. März 2009, 10:27)

Hi Axman, I think they mean the bearings at the top of the forks, just below the handlebars.
They said the steering may become 'notchy' as the bearings became flattened.

Lonedogg: (Sonntag 22. März 2009, 10:36)


He means the Steering Parts,respectively the Bearings for that.

take a look ;)


stevej: (Sonntag 22. März 2009, 13:56)

Wow! Thanks for that Waylander :-D . Nothing too scary for me in there. Time to get my hands dirty!

Lonedogg: (Sonntag 22. März 2009, 14:15)

no Prob.;)

but dont forget the Lower Bearings and the bearing shell to chance also.
just an Set of that.

and give them a lot of grease. ;)

take a look