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belfastsam: The Members Shop (Freitag 31. Oktober 2008, 19:28)

Hi all.
Has anyone bought items from the members shop to be sent the uk. There are some really nice things on there. I have set up an account as requested but struggle to get the price of stuff and how to pay. I struggle with these things. Thinking about it I struggle with a calculator. Any help appreciated.

John w: (Freitag 31. Oktober 2008, 22:05)

Hi Belfastsam,

Sorry, I've never tried to buy online from here. Maybe you should ride over to Germany with us next summer? That's pretty easy and loads of fun. You could fill a bag with goodies then!

If you are having trouble though, drop a PM to the admin people. I'm sure they will sort it for you.

Cheers ~ john W

admin: (Samstag 1. November 2008, 16:04)

Hi Sam,

please send my only a email with your wishes and i will
take the order for you in the Shop and i sent you all other informations
back per email.

Regards Jörg