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bikedar: bronze paint (Sonntag 28. September 2008, 16:21)

hi lads,
can anyone tell me the paint code on the bulldog?
mine is all silver but plan to change it to bronze and silver if i can find the code,
my local dealer said they didn't know?


chim: (Sonntag 28. September 2008, 16:25)


If the page can't be displayed, remove the BT 1100 disclaimer.

bikedar: (Sonntag 28. September 2008, 20:18)

thanks chim,
but i can't get connected to that link?

darren :cry:

Anonymous: (Sonntag 28. September 2008, 21:21)

Hi Darren,

Copy the link manually and paste it into your browser.

Cheers ToHo