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Anonymous: seat lock is jammed (Samstag 21. Juli 2007, 10:56)

Hi Bulldogians

On the advice of your great selves, I changed from Metzelers to Michelin Pilot Roads, and went from fearing dry corners at anything more than 10mph to enjoying riding through the floods we had yesterday in London. The best money I ever spent on a bike modification!

Problem ,though - the lock for the under-seat release is stuck (I think it's the mechanism, not the lock barrel itself). How do I get the seat off to release the catch?

Axman: (Samstag 21. Juli 2007, 11:40)

Hi Mjkaz...whatever :wink:

the lock for the seat is way back, where the seat ends or your co-pilot sits.
While turning the key, give the back of the seat a hearty whack...if it doesnt work you didn´t try hard enough.. :-D

And when you´ve got the seat off, give the lock a dollop of grease..

Oh, and don´t let Mick P. or John W. read this...they´ll get ideas again.. :wink: :cool: