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bor: Cockpit problem (Dienstag 15. Mai 2007, 12:26)

I was not new in forum, but I write firs time,
because I have the problem with my tacho.
The last weekend I was driving in the rain and on the road was tacho death. The LCD show nothing and the speed clock just yumping up and down.
I was opening the tacho at home and cleaning all the water and detergent inside and cleaning all dirty contact.But the tacho doesnt worked.
So I dont know what can I do.
Maybe have somebody electric sheme of tacho?
regards from Slovenija,
the bulldog is b.y.2005

Axman: (Dienstag 15. Mai 2007, 17:36)

Hi Bor,

I don´t think that the Tacho is the problem.. :shock:

Look under the seatpan where the Battery is : probably one or both cables are loose (I´ll bet that it is the "minus" one.

Retighten the cables and your problems should be over..!

Greets from the Axman

bor: (Dienstag 15. Mai 2007, 20:30)

Thanks Axman,
I was try to do what are you suggest me,
but I have not successful.
I dont see no one LCD number on LCD display,
all other things do it.
I think about to buy a new tacho, maybe from
FZ6 or R6 or R1, what you will reccomend to advise,
regards, Bor

Axman: (Samstag 19. Mai 2007, 08:17)

Hi Bor,

do not , repeat not try to connect a tacho from the FZ6, R6 or R1 (or for that matter : any other model !!) to the Bulldog.

It will not work and might damage the Bulldogs electronics !!

Go to your Yamaha Dealership and ask them to reset the Instrument panel (there has to be a menu for that!!)

Regards from the Axman

bor: (Samstag 19. Mai 2007, 12:48)

Hi Axman,
thank's for the answer,
o.k. I do not try conect other tacho to my doggie,
but I don't understand why will be demage if do it corect real switch to real site,
regards from Slovenija

Axman: (Samstag 19. Mai 2007, 13:57)

Hi Bor,

your tach and the whole Bulldog won´t work because your tach is not only a tach but an "Instrument Panel" and as such part of the whole electronics (that´s why, when you turn the key and before you start your engine the hands in the instruments start their "dance"... that´s a computer check-up and it won´t work with other instruments)

What´s wrong with a computer-restart by Yamaha??

Greets from the Axman

Axman: (Freitag 25. Mai 2007, 23:48)

Hi Bor,

regarding your Tacho I talked with Krause and he confirmed my theory, that without the proper Tacho the performance of your Bulldog will deteriorate rapidly.

Everytime you start the engine the intrument-hands start their routine which means, that the speed sensor and the throttle sensor are being electronically checked... Without Instruments this check-up cannot be finished properly and this results in increasingly wrong data from the sensors...and that is not good for performance..

Now about prices : The complete Instrument-Cluster ( Part- No.: 5JN-H 3500-20) costs 387,29€ The Console (Part-No.: 5JN-H 3519-00) costs9,07€ all prices are plus 19% VAT

He can sell you a used Tacho too for 200€ incl. 19%

Just let me know what you want to do now.


from the Axman

bor: Tacho b.y. 2005 (Samstag 7. Juli 2007, 15:18)

Hi Axman,
Few weeks ago we are talking about the tacho, but than I had an accident. Now I was repair the bike and I'm
interesting for used tacho by Krause for 200 euro.
How can I buy this tacho?
with best regards,

Axman: (Samstag 7. Juli 2007, 17:00)

Hi Bor,

let me talk to him and see, if he still has the tacho... To see if it is the right one for you, I need the complete Chassis-Number..then I´ll tell you the Bank and the Account number, you send the money an he`ll send the instrument..it´s that easy :-D


from the Axman

bor: Tacho b.y. 2005 (Samstag 7. Juli 2007, 17:16)

Thank you Axman,
I think that is number what you need:
Tomorow will be going on holliday in Grece and
we comming back 15.7.
so easy,