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Anonymous: Starting problem (Sonntag 9. April 2006, 22:51)


I was informed by the local YAMAHA dealer that my starting problem was a bad earth lead where connected to the engine. They said it was a common problem.
I cleaned it well and the Bulldog started ok.

After two weeks not using the bike it will not start again.

I will use a car starter lead to bypass the earth as I did last time, to start it. Then if it starts I will clean the earth connection at the engine again.

I am asking has anybody else had the same problem and what I can do to fix it.

Anonymous: Starting Peoblem (Dienstag 18. April 2006, 01:25)


I am replying to my own problem of starting.

It was a faulty battery. Only drawing 7 amps when trying to start.

A new battery has fixed it