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Anonymous: Speedometer (Samstag 12. August 2017, 23:48)

I have a BT1100 from 2006 and have problems with my speedometer. It doesn't work anymore. Even the lights aren't working. So it's completely dead.. Does someone has a used one (maybe someone made a modification on the cockpit??) so i can buy that one? The board is turning braun so it's getting very hot! I've cleaned it allready with contactspray and saw that some trails are not really "original" anymore :huh: I hope someone can help.
Thanks anyway!

asc: Re: Speedometer (Dienstag 15. August 2017, 14:13)


try to get in conatct with Koen at CARMO NL, maybe they can check for you and repair the Board.
Koen Spierings - Carmo
Getting a used one is like Jack Pot. In 3 years I found only one which is in use. If this is going dead I will switch to motoscope Pro (motogadget)

Good Luck

Anonymous: Re: Speedometer (Dienstag 15. August 2017, 14:37)

Thx Alex. I have tried Carmo allteady. They could'nt do anything. So i am thinking about koso of MLMPARTS. .

asc: Re: Speedometer (Dienstag 15. August 2017, 21:06)


for you, The Maintenance Book in English I dont have but the German one is available at Section Downloads.

PIN Belegung Dashboard
- GL Wegfahrsperre (Imobilizer)(50)
- Ch Blinker Links (30/32+17)
- Dg Blinker Rechts (31/33+17)
- GW Kraftstofftankgeber (38)
- B Masseanschluss GND (10)
- Br (17/19/42/43!/) Licht EIN Zündung EIN
- RG Diebstahlanlage (nicht verbaut) (50/21)
- SwB Anlasser Sperrrelais + N (Leerlaufschalter) (27/28/8)
- BW Ölstandanzeige (40)
- Y Fernlicht (HI Beam) (29)
- YB Drehzahlmesser RPM (10)
- W Geschwindigkeitssensor SP (10/41)

Anonymous: Re: Speedometer (Dienstag 15. August 2017, 22:22)

Thx! I have thè english version.. but thx anyway and very helpfull