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BullDan: Speedo replacement.... (Mittwoch 14. September 2016, 23:07)

Hi there

After changing to LED-flashers i do have troubles with the speedometer (at least according to the machanic). I own a RP05 with – according to some posts – means more problems when changing electrical/electronic parts.

I decided to install a KOSO Speedo TNT-01S. Does anybody have experience with this or other non-original speedos?

Any response thankfully accepted….

Daniel vg. BullDan

ronald53: Re: Speedo replacement.... (Donnerstag 15. September 2016, 14:56)

No experience with other speedos here. But what problem do you have, and how can it be explained that LED indicators have an effect on the speedo?

BullDan: Re: Speedo replacement.... (Donnerstag 15. September 2016, 21:53)

The mechanic thinks that the load in the elecdtric circuit has changed and therfore problems "may" occur, Please take in account the word "may". So in fact they do not really now about what they are talking about. Never the less i want to change the speedo as one of serveral details to be changed. The new one should arrive within 10 days and then i know very quick, waths coming up on me.