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Strelnikov: Other size of tire (Mittwoch 11. Februar 2009, 15:21)



Somebady try other sizes? for ex. 180/55-zr17 is it fit rear Wheel disk?

170/60 - Is not available in shop at the moment :(

Axman: (Mittwoch 11. Februar 2009, 17:41)

Hi Strelnikov..(is this a "Nick" or your real name??)

welcome to the first russian Bulldog-rider to registrate here..

The standard size for the front (120/70 ZR17) is ok and you should´nt change it. For the rear you have a few options : either the 180/55 ZR 17 or 190/50 ZR 17. Both tyres fit the original rim without further modifications.

Depending on the tyre-make (Michelin, Continental or Metzeler for example) you might not have enough clearance between brake-arm (this metallic bar connecting the brake-caliper and the swingarm) and the tyre. Ride-In, a Yamaha-Dealer in Glauchau - www.ride-in.de - who has lots of parts specially for the BT1100, has an easy and cheap fix for that...two longer screws/bolts and a spacer to relocate the bar to the outside..

Come to Austria for our International-Bulldog-Meeting from the 11th to the 14th of June 2009 and meet over 150 other Bulldog-riders from all over Europe..

cu there


Strelnikov: (Donnerstag 12. Februar 2009, 11:23)

Hi Axman!

thank you, very mach!

I thinking about 180/55 ZR 17 Michelin PR.

Yamaha-Dealer in Glauchau is a little far from me.. :)
so I will address to nearist dealer

Axman: (Donnerstag 12. Februar 2009, 18:16)

Hi again,

for the 180/55 ZR 17 you definitely do not need this "relocation-kit"...that´s only needed for the 190/50 ZR 17 size :)

Anyway, this kit is only available through "Ride In" ...any other Yamaha-Dealer won´t know what you are talking about.. :shock:

But should you need any other tuning-part for your Bulldog just give them a ring (0049 3763 16400) tell them you got their number trough this forum and tehy´ll find a way to help you..



danil: (Dienstag 14. April 2009, 07:48)


Can I stand the tire Metzeler ME Z4 180/55 ZR17 on standard Bulldog without modification :?:

hotdog: (Dienstag 14. April 2009, 08:08)


Can I stand the tire Metzeler ME Z4 180/55 ZR17 on standard Bulldog without modification :?:

Yes You can !!!

danil: (Dienstag 14. April 2009, 10:41)

Thanks, hotdog!!!

I try it today!