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Mick P: Tyre Recall (Dienstag 26. Juni 2007, 00:05)

Hi All

Dont know if this info is of any use to anyone but Michelin have issued a tyre recall on the following tyres for more info see link below

Michelin Pilot Power 2CT and
Michelin Pilot Power 120/70 ZR 17 (58W) front motorcycle tyres.

Axman: (Dienstag 26. Juni 2007, 09:59)

Hi Mick,

thanks for the info. We have the same recall here in Germany.

But as this tyre (Pilot Power) normally is for racetrack use only, it probably doesn´t concern Bulldog riders..Although I remember someone who had it on his dog at least for a short time (who was it??)
As this tyre needs a lot of pre-heating to work properly, is very slippery in the wet and wears out a lot faster than expected, he got rid of it very soon..

Thanks anyway


moppedwolf: (Dienstag 26. Juni 2007, 11:31)

Although I remember someone who had it on his dog at least for a short time (who was it??)

Hi Mick + Axel :wave:
Waylander tried the PP on his Bulldog, but he had no fun for a long time, 'cause the PP rubbered down in few thousands km's.
So now he is driving the PR again and I think it's quite allright.
On faster bikes the PP is a very good pneu, but if there is a bike with lower hp but more Nm's the PP is loosing! :twisted: :twisted:

Axel, the PP is heating very quickly for maybe 10 Km's, and so he don't need pre-heating on german dry streets!
Dajana had a PP on the golden ZR-7. The PP is on dry roads like chewing-gum on the boots! But on rainy streets he looses against the PR, of course same in winter! :twisted:

I hope we will see us again soon! :roll:

Best regards :wave:

Mick P: (Mittwoch 27. Juni 2007, 00:28)

Hi Axman and wolf

Nice to hear from you :)
just passing on the info it might help someone and mopedwolf i hope you are looking after Daisy :wink:

hope to see you again soon
best wishes Mick