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Anonymous: 190 Tyre (Freitag 4. November 2005, 01:51)

dont ask why but I would like to fit a 190 Tyre to the rear of my Bulldog.
One of the German sites who specialise in Bulldogs sells a "Kit" for about 190 Euros. I'm guessing that this includes the tyre but as the 190 tyre will make the rear sit lower is there something else in the Kit thats supplied to raise the rear of the bike up? Has anyone else done this?

Axman: (Freitag 4. November 2005, 09:23)

Hi JR,

I´ve got a 190 Tyre fitted to the rear of my Bulldog.. (who told you that the rear sits lower now ?? I can´t see any difference whatsoever !) The only "Kit" you´ll need - and you can get it from www.ride-in.de - is a "de-centering-kit" for the brake-arm (between the swingarm and the brake-caliper) containing longer screws, two spacers and two locking nuts. Without this "kit" there is not enough room between the Tyre and the Brake-Arm. Depending on the Tyre there could even be contact between the two !!

Oh, by the way, this "kit" costs about six Euros..!!

greets from the Axman

Ad van Eck: (Donnerstag 17. November 2005, 11:09)

A 190 tyre that fits in a Bulldog: Pirelli Diablo 190/50.

Spotted during Antwerp meeting March 2005; Dutch owner Bullman



Mick P: (Freitag 4. Mai 2007, 01:37)

Hi Axman

Are you still using the 190 tyre ?

If so is there any advantage in using a 190 comparied to the 170 or is it just personal choice.

Regards Mick

Axman: (Freitag 4. Mai 2007, 09:05)

Hi Mick,

yep, I´m still using it...Advantages?? Not really, no..it was a personal choice because my Tyre-dealer had one in the shop (which another customer had ordere but did´nt pick up) and gave it to me cheap.

OK, the fatter tyre looks better but that´s about it. The handling is much "lazier" that is, you have to work a lot harder and get more "lean-in-angle" to get the bike through the curves.. :evil:

Am I going to do it again?? Probably not...next time I´ll try a 180 tyre...maybe I´ll get the best of both worlds :wink:

Oh, and my tyre of choice is the Michelin Pilot Road (next time I´ll try the Pilot Road 2) the 190 fits perfectly into the Dogs swingarm (providing you de-center the brakearm!) and it enhances all the good traits of our dog.. :-D



Mick P: (Freitag 4. Mai 2007, 20:52)

Thanks for that Axman

I will look at thr Pilot Road 2 and BT-021, i will also think about a 180 rear tyre.

Regards Mick

colruddock: Re: 190 Tyre (Montag 10. Oktober 2016, 15:04)

Resurrecting an old topic.... has anyone fitted a 190/60r17 rear tyre?

Comparing them online to my current (170/60r17) tyre there's an increase in rolling diameter from 199.74mm to 207.28mm with the width increasing by the given 20mm.

I'm mainly wanting the tyre increase for the larger diameter and to increase the gearing (difference is 3.8%)

Baumi: Re: 190 Tyre (Montag 10. Oktober 2016, 17:56)

It's a Problem (in Germany) if the Speedometer Shows a lower Speed as you drive. No Chance to get this Street Legal (with Stock Speedometer).

colruddock: Re: 190 Tyre (Montag 10. Oktober 2016, 22:59)

It's a Problem (in Germany) if the Speedometer Shows a lower Speed as you drive. No Chance to get this Street Legal (with Stock Speedometer).

Thanks Baumi... It seems to overestimate the speed at the minute, so I'm thinking that it'd either be more accurate, or if the speedo drive is on the front wheel, would read the same anyway (not sure where the speed sensor is).

Looks like I need to relocate the stabiliser bar to the rear brake caliper to clear the 190mm tyre, but hopefully it will fit.... I'll do some measuring at the weekend.

Axman: Re: 190 Tyre (Dienstag 11. Oktober 2016, 08:18)

Hi there,

the 190 Tyre is not /60 but /55 if I remember correctly. Look at my album, I compared the two

regards, Axman

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