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Anonymous: Tyre Choice (Donnerstag 7. Oktober 2004, 11:43)

I'm shortly going to be looking for a new set of tyres. Does anyone have any good advice on suitable tyres?????
I'm looking at bridgestone BT020's which seem to get a good write up but I'm open to advice.


Axman: (Donnerstag 7. Oktober 2004, 12:26)

Hi NB,

the best tyres(at least for our kind of riding here in Germany) seem to be the Michelin Pilot Road (or Sport) second best, but by an extrem short margin, are the Metzeler Sportec M1 or the Pirelli Diablo (which I got on my Bulldog) The reviews on the Bridgestone BT020 are not so enthusiastic although they are not a really bad choice...

greetings from Germany

from the Axman

admin: (Donnerstag 7. Oktober 2004, 17:57)

Not to fast Axman please not forget the Z6 from Metzeler this are
also a nice tyre, for the BT1100. This typ are betten then the older typ Z3.

Ad van Eck: (Freitag 8. Oktober 2004, 08:20)

I' m very pleased with my Bridgestone BT020


Yorkshire Biker: (Donnerstag 28. Oktober 2004, 16:08)

I have 020's on mine and they are excellent - loads of grip and feedback - done 5k miles on a set and they still have tread left.
Sharpen up the steering too

morlack: (Mittwoch 16. März 2005, 23:10)

Hi. I´ve tried bt 020 at my bulldog and gives me security and durability, 9.000km. the rear one riding in Spain from Sep. to Feb. "Uves y rafagas"

Anonymous: (Sonntag 18. Februar 2007, 21:24)

I have just fitted Continental road attack, I will keep you posted on my thoughts. I got 4800 miles out of the original Metzs and the road noise from the front tyre, not overlly impressed.
Regards Terry

Axman: (Montag 19. Februar 2007, 08:55)

Hi all,

the only setback with the Michelin Pilot Road is a whistling road noise from the front Tire..

But there is a remedy..!!

Just glue a strip of foam-rubber into the front fender ( thickness should be around or up to 1cm and it should be approximately 8cm wide) and voila´...no more noise. Apparently the airflow between tire-thread and front fender causes this whistling (the Pirelli I had before did´nt whistle at all).

This tip really works..


from the Axman

il_brutto: (Montag 19. Februar 2007, 20:04)

The Road Attack is a very nice Tire, but nobody got experiences about that. So i bought the pilot road yesterday.

Please tell us about the characteristics of the Road Attack.

WullDee: (Dienstag 20. Februar 2007, 01:27)

As you might already know, this pdf contains the characteristics of the RoadAttack and gives an overview about the other *Attack products ...
Official Conti-Document (pdf)

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