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Ben: Fork Gaiters (Sonntag 8. Juni 2008, 23:12)

Hello. Does anyone know where I can get some fork gaiters for the Bulldog. Trail bike gaiters are too small or too long. I have been looking at Norton and Triumph, but have been unable to find anything that will fit. I saw a picture on this forum of a bike with them on and they looked good. Trawling the Internet all the gaiters I have seen are referenced to the bike and do not give the actual dimensions.

spark76x: (Sonntag 8. Juni 2008, 23:39)

[font=Arial]Check this!
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Ben: Fork Gaiters (Montag 9. Juni 2008, 22:05)

Thanks. That is the photo I saw before. Does anyone know what bike they are off?

David. dl.gif

chim: (Montag 9. Juni 2008, 22:54)

Just ask the owner: