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Anonymous: Seat lowering set. (Mittwoch 18. Oktober 2006, 17:49)

Does anybody know where to get a lowering set for the dog?
I would like to lower the seathight with approx. 30 to 50 mm.
If it is available - does it influence on the bike`s driving capability?

Regards Nordog

Axman: (Donnerstag 19. Oktober 2006, 08:50)

Hi Nordog,

to my knowledge there is no "lowering set" for the Bulldog..

What you can do to lower your seathight ist to change or alter your existing seat. Most of the Bulldog-riders I know - and I know a lot of them - have done so. (Click on "suchen" and then enter "Sitzbank" and you´ll find a selection of different seats)

Any more questions?? Feel free to ask..


from the Axman

Mick P: (Freitag 20. Oktober 2006, 00:28)

Hi Nordog

Just the same as you can lift the bike height by shortening the link arms from the shock to the swing arm if you make them longer you will lower the bike but at the expense of ground clearance. I altered mine by about 5 mm and it made the difference between me being on tip toe and touching the ground with comfort, I also lowered the forks by 5 mm I cant say I noticed any difference in handling but I don't take it on the race track.

Have fun Regards Mick

Anonymous: Seat lowering set (Freitag 20. Oktober 2006, 20:24)

Hi Mick

Thanks for the tip. I have extended the connecting arms with 10mm to day by making new ones of 5x30x165 mm stainless steel with 135 mm, that is + 10 mm distance center/center. This gave me 30mm lower seathight wich makes life easier. As you say, the bike has now 30 mm lower groundclearense which must be taken in consideration when driving trough steep bends. One more "negative" result is that the center stand is harder to operate.

I will use this occation to present myself:
I bought my dog 2003 mod 8000 km late August this year and have 2500 km on the road with it. Living in Norway I am used to early winters and bad driving conditions in sept/oct. However this year the autumn has realy been dry and sunny so far.
These are the modifications I have done:
De-restricted carburators
DynoJet Carbkit
K&N Airfilter
Laser Duo Tech Slip On
I have also adjusted valve clearence. (which was not needed, but anyway..)

After doing the tuning I syncronised the carbs with Morgan Carbtune II Syncroniser wich I think is a very helpfull tool.

Now the dog runs great in every way and the sound is just wonderful! :lol:

Regards Nordog.

Axman: (Samstag 21. Oktober 2006, 09:55)

Hi Nordog,

the changes you´ve made to your Bulldog might work to lower the seathight but please consider the following :

The ground clearance of the Bulldog with standard suspension is merely sufficient (exept if you only weigh 55 Kilos like Mick P. :wink: ) If you like a little "spirited" riding you´ll smash the right exhaust-headpipe in no time - and then you´ll need a lot of luck to stay on your bike and upright !! - that´s why here in Germany the first change - except all the others that you´ve done to your bike...and more - is to change the standard fork springs for progressive ones and a proper fork oil.

But the biggest disadvantage of your modification will be the additional stress on the drivetrain.. :( The kardanic joint of your driveshaft can take only so much angle to work properly...overdo it (and I know of german Bulldogs who did it by hightening the rear end of their bike too much) and you will have a major problem with broken parts in your drivetrain!!! Don´t do it..

Try the "seat-lowering-routine" it will achive the same results without the disadvantages..

Oh and by the way...with all your changes to the Bulldog..did you leave the original cover on your airbox?? Throw it away...it hinders free breathing...the little snorkels are way too small...replace it for an aluminium part from Yamaha Krause in Dortmund or from Topham...the cover from a TDM works better too..


from the Axman

Anonymous: (Samstag 21. Oktober 2006, 16:39)

Hi Axman

Thanks for your quick reply and for your advice. I will change the cover on the airbox asap!The fuel/air mix with the existing cover is probably a bit too rich.I will also look into the fork spring issue.
To your advice re. the angel of the kardanic joint. I have not done any calkulations, but I am quite sure that lowering with 30 mm will keep the angel within the limits. I drive alone (my wife likes four wheels), and my weight is 66 kg. If you look at this angel vs the angel with max load 200 kg, according to the specifications, I guess they are worst case simular. However I think that the only person who knows this for sure sits in the R&D departement in Belgarde, Italy :lol:

Regards Nordog